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Kloster Northanger Jane Austen

Kloster Northanger

Jane Austen

Published 1996
293 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

I have a confession to make.Secretly, I much prefer Northanger Abbey and Mansfield Park to anything else written by Jane Austen, even Pride and Prejudice, which were all supposed to claim as our favorite because it is one of the Greatest Books Ever Written In the English Language. I dont DISLIKE Pride and Prejudice, but I just dont think it stands up to this one. Im sorry, but its true.Northanger Abbey feels like two very different stories that eventually merge into one at the end: the story of feisty, level-headed romance-novel-addict Catherine Morland and her adventures in Bath during the party season, falling in love and making new friends and escaping unpleasant suitors- and the story of Catherines post-Bath vacation with her new best friend Eleanor back to Eleanors country home, a huge creepy old place called Northanger Abbey. Catherines obsession with bloodthirsty Gothic novels leads her to see a mystery or a creepy secret in every room (eventually leading her to suspect Eleanors grumpy dad of having unceremoniously murdered his own wife, OR, possibly, of locking her up in a hidden dungeon somewhere inside the abbey), and her various misadventures and misunderstandings make for top-shelf farce. But then when a REAL mystery arrives on her doorstep (taking us back into the world of Bath and bringing the two stories together), she realizes that shes been looking at things upside-down and backwards the whole time.This book has some real,heartfelt drama and romance, but mainly I like it because its really, really funny. Catherine is awesome and kind of nuts, and the supporting characters run the gamut from really likeable and charming (Eleanor and her brother Henry) to the excruciatingly irritating John and Isabella, who totally beat out both Mrs. Bennet, Aunt Norris, and Lucy Steele in my list of Best-Ever Annoying Jane Austen Characters.