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Redemption Francis Stuart


Francis Stuart

Published December 1st 1994
ISBN : 9781874597087
252 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Henry Francis Montgomery Stuart (1902–2000) was an Irish writer. His novels have been described as having a thrusting modernist iconoclasm. Awarded the highest artistic accolade in Ireland before his death in 2000.Works:We Have Kept the Faith, Dublin 1923Women and God, London 1931Pigeon Irish, London 1932The Coloured Dome, London 1932Try the Sky, London 1933Glory, London 1933Things to Live For: Notes for an Autobiography, London 1934In Search of Love, London 1935The Angels of Pity, London 1935The White Hare, London 1936The Bridge, London 1937Julie, London 1938The Great Squire, London 1939Der Fall Casement, Hamburg 1940The Pillar of Cloud, London 1948Redemption, London 1949The Flowering Cross, London 1950Good Fridays Daughter, London 1952The Chariot, London 1953The Pilgrimage, London 1955Victors and Vanquished, London 1958Angels of Providence, London 1959Black List Section H, Southern Illinois Univ. Press 1971Memorial, London 1973A Hole in the Head, London 1977The High Consistory, London 1981We Have Kept the Faith: New and Selected Poems, Dublin 1982States of Mind, Dublin 1984Faillandia, Dublin 1985The Abandoned Snail Shell, Dublin 1987Night Pilot, Dublin 1988A Compendium of Lovers, Dublin 1990Arrow of Anguish, Dublin 1995King David Dances, Dublin 1996PamphletsNationality and Culture, Dublin 1924Mystics and Mysticism, Dublin 1929Racing for Pleasure and Profit in Ireland and Elsewhere, Dublin 1937PlaysMen Crowd me Round, 1933Glory, 1936Strange Guests, 1940Flynns Last Dive, 1962Who Fears to Speak, 1970Additionally, Stuart authored many articles in various journals.