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Girl in a Big Brass Bed Peter Rabe

Girl in a Big Brass Bed

Peter Rabe

Published 1965
319 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

It begins as a search for a purloined poet but quickly becomes far more lethal. As investigator for his fathers prestigious law firm, McNally regularly sees a side of elegant Palm Beach thats best described as seamy. But even he is shocked by the Pandoras box of lust and larceny slowly opening before him. On the heels of the catnapping, a prominent woman is brutally murdered, and in some cryptic way, the acts are linked. As he fits the many pieces of the puzzle into a dingle, lurid truth, Archy crosses paths with mediums, murderers, impostors and adulterers - and learns at an eerie seance that there are scandals even death can-t hide.