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Der Jakobsweg. Eine spirituelle Reise Shirley Maclaine

Der Jakobsweg. Eine spirituelle Reise

Shirley Maclaine

Published 2001
ISBN : 9783442449064
317 pages
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 About the Book 

Yes, we do judge a book by its cover. This one says The Camino, and I was hoping to read about the El Camino de Santiago pilgrimage. I had read half a dozen books about the Camino before I went and did it myself, so when i returned home I thought I better read this Spiritual Book of Shirley MacLaines.Little couldve prepared me for the depth of spirituality of this book. I really enjoyed the bits where she was actually on the trail, but 90% of this book is about an imaginary world. Sure it is very interesting, very bizarre, ties in the pyramids with reincarnation, Atlantis, vibrations and crystals, and visiting aliens, androgynous beings that divide into male and female shapes that have sex... But it was just a tad bizarre when you expect to read about the Camino. As I have studied philosophy and have an interest in peoples ideas of how the world was possibly created I finished this book, but I can imagine many people who would pick up this book not finishing it.Read this book if you are interested in a totally awesome view of the world, but dont read it if you think it will tell you about the Camino pilgrimage in Spain.